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I would like to return my order

I would like to return my order from TrendyBuy. Here's how:

    1. Go to My Account > Returns
    2. Select the ‘Log Return’ button
    3. Choose the order containing the item/s you wish to return
    4. Select the item you want to return, and choose the most relevant ‘Reason for Return’
    5. Select your ‘Preferred Outcome’:
      • Credit my TrendyBuy Account
      • Replace Item
    6. If applicable, complete any additional information requested
    7. Select the ‘Continue’ button
    8. Select ‘Add Another Item’ should you wish to return multiple products Note: Only products from the same order can be added to one return request

    Once you have added the items you wish to return, select the ‘Select Return Method’ button 9. Select your preferred return method: ‘Return to a TrendyBuy Pickup Point’ or ‘Collect from my address’

    1. Add your preferred contact details to receive collection notifications via SMS Note: Return status email updates will only be sent to the TrendyBuy account holder who logged the return request

    Submit your return request and await feedback via email

    Additional Info:

    • Returns for gifts may only be logged by the TrendyBuy account holder who purchased the product
    • We only accept returns for broken or damaged items. Returns for no reason will not be accepted.
    • Return cost is at the expense of the client.
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