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  • 1480,00 kg Engine: Honda GX630 Weight: 1480Kg Width Of Steering Drum: 900mm Diameter Of Steering Drum: 560mm Steel Drum Extension: 40mm Total Width: 98.5cm Total Height: 225cm Packing Size: 2280 × 1138 × 1820mm Type: Gasoline engine, air-cooled, double cylinder Fuel Tank Capacity: 30L Lubricant L: 1.8L Fuel Consumption: 313g / kWh
    Sku: S-TMR1500H

    Ride On Roller 1.5 Ton GX620 20Hp Engine

  • 1700,00 kg Type: Diesel engine, liquid-cooled, three-cylinder Power: 25hp / 3200rpm Fuel tank capacity: 30L Lubricant L: 2.2L Fuel consumption: 281g / kWh Diameter of steering drum: 56cm Total length: 208cm Total width: 98.5cm Total height: 223cm Working weight: 1700kg
    Sku: S-TMR900H-1

    Ride On Roller 1.7 Ton 25Hp Diesel Front Drum Vibration

  • 900,00 kg Speed: 0-4km/h Turning radius: 2000mm Climbing capacity in theory: 30% Static load forward, back: 56, 77N/cm Nominal amplitude: 0.5mm Exciting force: 20kN Water tank volume: 67L Drive: Hydraulic double drive Vibration: Mechanical drive, electromagnetic clutch Turning: Hydraulic steering Model: Honda Petrol GX390 Type: Air cooled, 4 Stroke,OHV, Single Cylinder Power: 13.0HP/3600rpm Fuel tank volume: 6.5L Lubricant: 1.1L Fuel consumption: 313g/kWh Width of steel wheel (Forward and back): 700mm Diameter of steel wheel (Forward and back): 500mm Tread: 1230mm Total Dimensions (LxWxH): 1810 x 830 x 1990mm Packing Size (LxWxH): 2250 x 970 x 1620mm Working weight: 900kg
    Sku: S-TMR900H

    Ride On Roller 900 Kg GX390 13Hp